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Abstract (English):
Article is devoted to the problem of effi ciency of the use of elective courses on mathematics in classes with profi le preparation and their place in training of school students. For this purpose, the tasks and principles of introduction of elective courses to the program of training are considered. For consideration of function of elective courses at separate steps of profi le education are separately submitted. Their teaching is based on independent activity of pupils, and the accent to be put on a form of the organization of elective courses. Therefore, new demands to training of the teacher and the organization of his lessons are made. In the article it is off ered to consider one of new forms of creation of independent activity of pupils as the cure of a problem of profile training, — lessons of the “turned” type. The use of this form will become eff ective for development of the program of elective courses.

mathematics, training of pupils in profi le classes, elective courses, profi le education at school

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