Comparative Characteristics of Sources of Financing of the Federal Budget Deficit in Russia and the United States
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Abstract (English):
Information on the state of the Federal budget (surplus or deficit) is insufficient for an adequate, complete assessment of the state of the country’s economy. The budget deficit does not always speak only about the negative impact on the economy. From the point of view of economic theory, a budget surplus does not always mean that the policy of the state is successful and competent. The budget surplus indicates that the state has left free money that was not used to Finance important projects, which means the underutilization of potential. It is necessary to analyze the Federal budget deficit: what exactly is its cause, and most importantly — what sources of funding are attracted.

budget, deficit, sources of financing, GDP, financial stability

1. Gosudarstvennyj dolg SShA // - (Data obrashcheniya 17.03.2019).

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5. Bureau of engraving and printing U.S. Department of the Treasury // (Data obrashcheniya 11.03.2019).

6. Federal'noe Kaznachejstvo // (Data obrashcheniya 09.03.2019).

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