Communicative Installations of Future Lawyers of Social Sphere as a Factor of the Development of Professional Information Culture of Their Personality
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Abstract (English):
The article is devoted to the problem of the formation of future social lawyers in colleges of a professional information culture. The article contains the results of empirical studies aimed at identifying the relationship between the level of formation of future lawyers of the middle tier of the professional information culture and the degree of expression of their negative communicative attitudes. The study was carried out on the basis of Moscow colleges, implementing programs of secondary vocational education in the direction of training 40.02.01 “The Law and Organization of Social Security” (a program for in-depth training of middle-level specialists of the APSP). In the empirical study was attended by 225 college students enrolled in graduate courses relevant training. In the article, the authors reveal the essence and content of the professional information culture of future lawyers as a psychological and pedagogical phenomenon, determines ways of measuring the level of its formation, conducts an empirical study, as a result of which it comes to a conclusion about the importance and significance of correcting communicative attitudes spheres.

Professional Information Culture, communication installation, situational tolerance, typological tolerance, professional tolerance.

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