The evaluation of cryptocurrency
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Abstract (English):
The article estimate some aspects of the functioning of cryptocurrency, as a relatively new financial market instrument, the main participants in this market segment, cryptocurrency exchanges, taking into account key criteria: accessibility, mobility, operational efficiency. The aspects of regulation at the world and national levels are investigated. The authors give an assessment of the mechanism for regulating cryptocurrencies in separate countries ,which recognize this instrument and actively regulate it (Ar-gentina, Canada, Japan, Malazia, Switzerland),as well as countries, which reject (Vi-etnam) or just tolerate cryptocurrency, but do not have the regulatory framework for it use. Obviously, cryptocurrency is a relatively new instrument of the financial market, but its value not depend with amount of labour invested, as it is traditionally charac-teristic for conventional goods and services. The research shows that bitcoin still remains the most widespread type between other different kinds of cryptocurrencies. A significant aspect of cryptocurrencies functioning is their regulation. In our country there is no legislative certainty yet, but some steps have been made in this di-rection. In the long term, cryptocurrencies will be regulated at the international level, and the emphasis will be on preventing the use of their illegal financial transactions and for money laundering.

Cryptocurrency, characteristics, capitalization, regulation, cryptocurrency exchanges

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