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The article deals with the influence of planting depth of potato tubers on productivity, structure, quality of products and the marketability of potato crop in the conditions of the Chuvash Republic. The depth of seeding of tubers has a direct impact on all processes of growth and development. The more favorable the complex of conditions in the zone of placement of planted tubers, the faster they germinate and give early and amicable shoots, the more successful the further development of the potato plant and the formation of the crop. Determining the dependence of the potato tuber planting depth on the productivity, structure, quality of the products and the marketability of potato plants hinders many causes that are directly related to the growth and development of potato plants, as the productivity of potato plants is significantly increased by optimizing the priority conditions that are necessary in potato cultivation, when there is an increase in all indicators of photosynthetic activity of potato plants. The density of plants should be such that plants could form a powerful leaf surface, a root system and make the best use of solar energy and soil nutrients [11 12]. In numerous studies by our and foreign authors on the definition of optimal areas of potato nutrition, the following general provisions are present: late varieties, that develop a powerful top, are placed less often, early - thicker; the less moisture in the soil, the less should be the density of planting [6]. In this study, in order to determine potato productivity, we first of all determined crop yields, structure, product quality and marketability of tubers. Norms of planting can be determined depending on the density of the stalk. The high density of plant standings promotes acceleration of passage of development phases by plants, early tuber formation and ripening of a potato [3,4,5,7,8,9]. Thus, in the experiments, carried out by V.T. Spiridonov (1972) in the Chuvash Agricultural Institute in the variant where the planting was carried out according to the scheme of 70x30 cm, the entry of plants into the mass flowering phase was noted 2-3 days earlier than when planting according to the scheme of 70x35 cm. Reduction of the distance between tubers to 25 cm accelerated the development of plants 5 days.

planting density, potatoes, tubers, crop structure, product quality, marketability, starch, tuber mass, number of tubers, weight of leaves, density of standing.
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