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Abstract (English):
The article is devoted to the establishment of a set of structural and conceptual correlation between English and Russian terminology of anthropology, which is important for achieving equivalence in translation that is determined by the features of a particular science and for better professional communication. As is known, an integral part of professionally oriented education is not only training a competent specialist, but also a scholar who can understand and translate academic texts. At the same time, one should pay special attention to the translation of the terms, as they contain the main information on the subject. A priori existing opinion excludes the problems of translating terms, as they relate to the conceptual apparatus, which a specialist must perfectly know in different languages. However, despite obvious sound-graphic coincidences in the native and foreign languages, their content does not coincide. As a result of the analysis it has become possible to establish conceptual differences in terms of anthropology in various national schools.

anthropology, ethnology, ethnography, terms, translation, concept, information content, harmonizing.

Проблема перевода терминов профессионально ориентированных текстов остается одной из актуальных в современном переводоведении.


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