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Abstract (English):
The success of the article in the newspaper often depends on well selected photos. Photography not only attracts the reader’s attention, but it helps to maximize the perceived communicative message of a journalist. It serves different semiotic codes inherent in photography, with its iconic character, namely a triad icon — index — a symbol, different channels of visual communication such as kinesics and color symbolism. Information saturation of the photos has a downside — high manipulative potential.

symbolic nature photography, icon, index, symbol, means of visual communication, “kin”, analog and digital signals, color symbolism.

Фотография как полноправный элемент большей части журналистской продукции в последние полвека активно исследуется лингвистами, а точнее, медиалингвистикой, семиотикой, психолингвистикой.


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