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Abstract (English):
The article is devoted to the analysis of the main results of the constitutional reform implemented in the Republic of Kazakhstan in March 2017. The main stages of the constitutional reform, which testify to a clear organizational support for its conduct, are analyzed. The scale of the constitutional changes in the Republic, which affected the basic institutions of state and society development: the foundations of the constitutional system, the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, citizenship, the system of public authorities and local self-government, including the status of the President of the Republic. At the same time, constitutional reforms not only preserved, but also strengthened such elements of the inviolability of the state as independence, unitarity, territorial integrity and republican form of government. The result of the reform was the democratic modernization of the presidential republic by enhancing the role of Parliament, strengthening the independence of the Government, while at the same time expanding the mechanisms of its accountability and control over Parliament. A significant innovation was the refusal of the President of the Republic in favor of the Parliament from his legislative powers, which makes the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan the only legislative and supreme representative body of the Republic. In addition, there are significant changes in the institution of citizenship, as well as the organization of local government. It is emphasized that the past constitutional changes are of the nature of evolutionary changes; they do not carry any radical measures, but continue the logic of previous constitutional reforms in the country. The constitutional reform carried out in the country is not limited to the constitutional text itself; today it is confirmed by significant changes in the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including a number of constitutional laws, will affect the level of subordinate regulation, and lead to the formation of new law enforcement practice in the country.

Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, constitutional reform, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Majilis, Senate, Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, constitutional law, law, international treaty, redistribution of powers, citizenship.

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