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Abstract (English):
Existence and certainty of conflict of laws rules on the representation provide predictability of legal regulation of these relations that have a foreign element. In this regard researches about issues of national and unified conflict regulation of representation are relevant. The present article is devoted to the questions of conflict regulation of representation in the Russian Federation contained in the article 12171 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation — the novel of the domestic legislation which is in force since the 1st November 2013. The conflict of laws rules regulating internal (between an agent and a principal) and external relations of representation (between a principal and a third party and between an agent and a third party) are analyzed (on the base inter alia of comparative legal method). The author makes a conclusion about predictability, equation and flexibility of the conflict of laws rules of the Russian law on the representation, which in general comply with the rules of the Hague Convention 1978 on the law applicable to agency, and with the rules of many foreign legal systems. The author proposes the further development of the Russian conflict regulation of relations of representation, particularly: giving the possibility of choosing the law applicable to external relations of representation to an agent and a third party; determination of the moment of time when an agent has his habitual residence or place of business if a principal hasn’t chosen the law applicable to the external relations of representation.

voluntary representation, agent, principal, power of attorney, conflict of laws rule, general connecting factor, subsidiary connecting factor, applicable law, party autonomy, choice of law.

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