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Abstract (English):
The article considers the problems of energy legislation in the context of improving the legislation on entrepreneurship. In the judgment of the author the construction of the energy legislation is a possibility provided it is of a centrifugal nature with the general principles making the basis for such acts attempted to solve the outstanding problems. One of such principles which is to be legislatively enacted could be the principle of import substitution adopted to do away with dependence on foreign-made goods. The role of energy law can only be understood provided we have the relevant contemporary system of laws. This can be possibly achieved from the doctrinal point of view. The author analyses legal business regulation existing in the pre revolutionary and soviet period. It helps to understand better what is to borrowed from the experience of the past to be used to regulate said relationships. The author calls for necessity to issue the Code of Laws of the Russian Federation as the first step to make legislation systematized. The next step to be taken could be the adoption of comprehensive legal acts, say, Energy Code which could eventually make so-called legislation blocks. The latter could , in turn, serve the basis for so-called central legislative act to regulate business law.

legislation, energy, government regulation, systematization, code of laws, business law.

1. Entsiklopedicheskiy slovar´ F. A. Brokgauza, I. A. Efrona. SPb., 1901.

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