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Worldwide in recent years there has been a big interest in the problem of diagnosis and treatment of asthma in the gestation period, occurring, according to various sources, in 1–13.8% of pregnant women. The aim of the work was to determine the clinical and functional characteristics of the course of asthma during pregnancy and the postpartum period, including patients with repeated pregnancies and childbirth. 102 patients with asthma were examined in dynamics of pregnancy and the postpartum period lasting from 3 months to 3 years. There were used clinical and medical history data, integrated monitoring of clinical syndromes, testing using Asthma Control Test (ASTTM), research of lung function, day monitoring of airway conductance parameters, evaluation of the impact of birth stress on adaptation reserves and the condition of the natural resistance of the body by the blood count. Dynamics of asthma course in the gestation period looked as follows: worsening of the course was observed in 44% of patients, often with non-allergic and mixed forms of the disease; without significant dynamics there were 39.2% of patients, improvement was observed in 9.8%, mainly at mild persistent allergic asthma. In the postpartum period 34.3% of patients showed improvement, 41.2% did not have any dynamics, and 24.5% had worsening of symptoms, mainly they were with moderate and severe asthma. The influence of some factors on the asthma dynamics during gestation and the postpartum period was found out. They were the severity of the disease, the presence of extra pulmonary allergic diseases, multivalent sensitization, chronic diseases of upper respiratory tract, ARVI and the way medical recommendations were followed by patients.

bronchial asthma, pregnancy, postpartum period

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