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Abstract (English):
The article analyzes the progress and further prospects of development of the Russian civil legislation in terms of actual and appropriate improvement of the proprietary legal regulation. The author notes the historical prerequisites of and, substantiates the possible areas for, development of the Russian civil law in terms of traditions of the European private law which originates from the Roman law and the law of pandects; in this connection, the author substantiates the necessity for systemic development of the legislative regulation of limited proprietary rights. In line with the existing specific features of legal regulation of proprietary relations in the Russian law, the author considers advantages of regulation of rights to land plots, which are in the public domain, by means of forms and types of limited proprietary rights; in this connection, the author demonstrates inefficiency of extending mechanisms of law of obligations only, mainly the models of lease contracts, on land relations. The author analyzes differences between legal regulation of homogeneous relations within the civil legislation and the land legislation as a temporary phenomenon and a feature of the transitional stage in the development of the Russian civil legislation.

Proprietary rights, land legislation, civil legislation, superficies.

1. Pokrovskiy I. A. Osnovnye problemy grazhdanskogo prava. M., 1998.

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