Tourism branding in the formation of the Eurasian Economic Union and the crisis signs of globalization
Abstract and keywords
Abstract (English):
The article is devoted to a new economic and political entity — the Eurasian economic Union (EEU), becoming part of the "internal" tourism, in the context of the crisis of globalization and global tourism, associated with the increase in terrorist activity, chaos and instability in the world, including at popular tourist destinations. This process is one of the major challenges that has systemic consequences for the Russian tourism market in general. The article presents a topical subject and the strategic direction of the Eurasian tourism branding, the problems of formation within new political and economic conditions internal and Eurasian tourism market and its channels of communication to preserve and develop consumer standards set by the global tourism. As a condition of the tourist branding in the space of the EEU the mechanisms of sovereign ratings and brand protectionism are described. The considered processes have a direct impact on the Russian tourism market in the sphere of branding and marketing and require the scientific reflection and discussion.

globalization, domestic tourism, tourism branding, the Eurasian economic Union

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