Abstract (English):
The second volume of the collective monograph "Labor Law: National and International Dimension", prepared by leading experts on Russian and international labor law, as well as on labor economics, is devoted to special problems of modern labor law. The first section of this volume examines the problems of transformation of labor relations, the development of Russian labor law at the turn of the XX-XXI centuries, the growth of differentiation of labor law, issues related to the digitalization of labor. The second section is devoted to the problems of regulation of atypical forms of employment, including new forms - remote work, work through online platforms, etc. The third section deals with the actual problems of individual institutions of labor law in modern conditions: occupational safety and health, labor disputes, labor inspection and collective labor law. Most of the issues are investigated from the standpoint of Russian national labor law, international labor standards, using comparative legal analysis, as well as an intersectoral approach to legal research. For practitioners and researchers in the field of labor law, international law, economics and sociology of labor, as well as students, postgraduates and anyone interested in this issue.