Abstract (English):
The monograph is devoted to current trends in international taxation, aimed at developing a methodology for countering the erosion of the tax base, as well as practical issues of its application in modern Russia and abroad. The results of the BEPS Project initiated by the G20 member countries under the leadership of the OECD were evaluated. The analysis of the Russian rules for determining transfer prices for intangible assets in the light of the OECD recommendations issued under the BEPS Project is carried out. The article summarizes the legal approaches to countering the abuse of Double Taxation Agreements abroad and shows their development in Russia. The economic analysis of the scale and consequences of the erosion of the national tax base is made. An assessment of the potential fiscal and economic effects of the creation of special administrative regions in the Kaliningrad Region and Primorsky Krai was carried out. Recommendations on the strategy of the long-term tax policy of the Russian Federation in the field of international taxation have been developed. It is addressed to economists, lawyers, managers, managers and specialists of federal government bodies, as well as teachers, postgraduates and students of economic and law universities and faculties, students of the professional development system.