Abstract (English):
The monograph is devoted to a systemic study of education in the context of Russian culture. We propose an approach corresponding to the postnonclassical type of rationality, to overcome Biologicheskie and sotsiologicheskie extremes in understanding the nature of education. Anthropology of education, according to the author, is a metatheoretic concept, which can be a basis for the systematic study of education. Used methodological principles of synergetics as the basis of innovative models in the sphere of upbringing and education. Investigated in detail the peculiarities of interpretation of Russian education in psychoanalysis and pedagogical anthropology. Composite monograph is structured as a dialogue between representatives of Western European and domestic anthropology of education. Can be useful for anyone who deals with the problems of methodology of the Humanities and problems of creativity in the field of pedagogy. Will also be of interest to philosophers, anthropologists, psychologists, pedagogues, historians of Russian philosophy.