Abstract (English):
The monograph is devoted to the study of the problem of determining the essence of the phenomenon of ideology, in particular its philosophical aspect, relationship with the state and reflection in the legal field of life. The issues of studying the phenomenon of ideology and its role in social systems now sound particularly relevant. Today there is a multilateral and unpredictable process of institutionalization in various socio-cultural systems of such universal values as solidarity, peace, justice. The attention of the monograph is focused on the need to develop special techniques and ways of understanding state phenomena and processes, taking into account the influence of social ideas and ideology, as in the current situation, the ideological process acquires very specific features. Questions of adaptation of the theory of the state and the right to studying of problems of ideology and public ideas as components of the state objects and processes are put. The ideological process in modern Russia is analyzed in detail. For students and teachers, as well as all those interested in the problems of ideology, theory of state and law.