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Abstract (English):
Elaboration of modern airplane cockpit has tendency to use large displays instead of a lot of separate indicators. The large display should combine information about flight navigation and state of plane equipment. Information coming from a wide variety of devices should be displayed simultaneously. Therefore multi-windows rendering is vitally important here. Its implementation must be embedded in real-time operating system which controls the aircraft. Development of a Safety Critical Compositor for multi-windows rendering for OpenGL SC 1.0.1 software is considered in the paper. It works under the real-time operating system JetOS newly designed for aircraft. Development is based on the use of extensions designed to work in multi-core systems in addition to standard JetOS partitioning services.

aircraft cockpit display, multi-windowing, OpenGL SC 1.0, real-time operating system, embedded systems

1. A Safety Critical Compositor for OpenGL SC 1.0.1 andOpenGL SC 2.0.

2. EGL_EXT_compositor.

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