LDR 02909nam#a2200217#i#450# 001 2602 005 20200807211951.5 008 _ 20190815d2019####ek#y0engy0150####ca 020 ## _$a978-5-16-014653-9 041 0# _$aRUS 044 ## _$axxu 080 ## _$aОбщие вопросы филологии, лингвистики и литературы. Риторика. 80 084 ## _$aЛитературоведение. 83 _2bbk 084 ## _$aМассовая коммуникация. 19.21 _2grnti 100 #1 _$aMihal'skaya, Anna Konstantinovna _$aГоворить – легко! Школа профессора Михальской 245 00 _$aLiterary prowess: Creative Writing _$cTextbook 260 1# _$aMoscow _$bINFRA-M Academic Publishing LLC. _$c2019 300 ## _$a347 p. 500 ## _$aThe textbook for creative literary universities and masters of philological faculties of universities is the first scientifically based (linguistically, literary, methodically) and creatively tested domestic course of literary mastery, developed by the author in the process of teaching (literary mastery in the Union of writers of Russia, rhetorical poetics in the Literary Institute. A. M. Gorky, in the process creative occupational-training). The methodological basis of the course is the linguo-symbolic concept of literary text as a narrative discourse in conjunction with the system of methods for the allocation of its structural and semantic elements and operational technologies for teaching their creation. The theory of the subject is based on the synthesis of linguistics and literary studies: discourse analysis, text linguistics; hermeneutics, structural semantics; classical and modern rhetoric; stylistics and poetics, theory and history of literature. The methodical complex consists of creative and analytical tasks, texts for analysis, exercises, recommended literature. The course and method have been tested and proved to be effective when working with novice authors. Foreign analogue is widely used in the training of professionals in various fields and specialties of the subject of CREATIVE WRITING. The result of the course - knowledge of the basics of technology of creation of creative verbal texts: artistic, advertising, journalistic, popular science - all those that are built with the help of symbolic symbolic structures. The final competence is defined as verbal artistic creativity (literary creativity based on the knowledge of linguistic, rhetorical, psychological, poetic mechanisms of influence on the reader and interaction with him in the space of the created text, as well as on the possession of the main means of such influence). _$aLiterary mastery, literary creativity, theory of literature, poetics, linguistics of text, narratology, linguistic-symbolic analysis, method of discursive coherence _$a10.12737/996001 533 ## _$aThere is an electronic copy 856 4# _$anaukaru.ru _$u