%0 Journal Article %T THE DETECTION RATE OF MARKERS OF ACUTE AND PERSISTENT RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS IN WOMEN DURING THE SECOND TRIMESTER OF PREGNANCY COMPLICATED WITH CHRONIC SIMPLE BRONCHITIS IN REMISSION %A Nakhamchen, L.G. %A Gorikov, I.N. %A Odireev, A.N. %A Andrievskaya, I.A. %A Zabolotskikh, T.V. %A Batalova, T.A. %A Borodin, E.A. %A Egorshina, E.V. %A Sergievich, A.. %A Gasanova, S.N. %A Men'schikova, N.V. %A Lobanova, E.S. %A Kolosov, A.V. %K %J Bulletin physiology and pathology of respiration %D 2019 %N 1 %P 0 %I Far Eastern Scientific Center of Physiology and Pathology of Respiration